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Lost at E Minor |  Video Review:
This Award-Winning, Star Trek inspired music video is INSANELY good

Indigenous Robot is not your run of the mill band – they’re a band with ‘out there’ ideals and uniquely awesome sound that can only be described as ‘modernly retro’.  If you like the music of indie legends The Flaming Lips and the sounds of psychedelic rock legends The Doors, then this is the band for you. This is their music video for their latest song One World– which is wonderfully odd, yet amazingly well put together music video. It has won an award for ‘Outstanding Music Video’ from Zed Fest Film Festival and has been shortlisted for others. The notable thing about this video is that the editing, effects, and style are something that matches with the sounds, beat, and feel of the song so well.
Bolder Beat  |  Video Premiere:
Indigenous Robot Take You To Space With "One World"


"Denver’s Indigenous Robot are not your run-of-the-mill “out there” sort of band. Instead, they’re more a culmination of "out there" ideals ranging from hints of indie legends The Flaming Lips to psychedelic rock legends The Doors. Even better, they just released a video that sums up their artistry for their latest song “One World.”


As you can see, Indigenous Robot doesn’t hesitate to put it all out there. Their video (which looks to be filmed at none other than Colorado Springs' own Garden of the Gods) highlights a retro Star Trek vibe while managing to include some modern day video tech, which is fitting because a lot about Indigenous Robot and their sound is modernly retro. The video has already won "Outstanding Music Video" by Zed Fest Film Festival

Regarding their song “One World,” the band does well both grounding the listener with their gritty dirge-like bass and guitar while also allowing the mind to wander with shimmering vocal effects over calm singing and synths. Interestingly enough, the band’s ability to create an almost mundane, yet groove-laden arrangement manages to hook the listener and leaves a haunting reverie throughout the experience. It reminds me a great deal of some of Queens of the Stone Age’s deeper cuts and fan favorites “I Think I Lost My Headache” and “Gonna Leave You”.

If you enjoy “One World” check out Indigenous Robot's 2014 release Revolting and their 2013 EP Castles."

Fuzz Heavy  |  Indigenous Robot share “One World” video for 2018

"My friends in Denver band Indigenous Robot, are sharing their award winning “One World” video today, Jan 1st 2018, all across the net, across multiple sites and platforms! We at FuzzHeavy are proud to take part in promoting this world-wide message of hope and optimism to kick off 2018. Happy New Year!"
Indie Habit  |  Trip Out with Indigenous Robot

"Rewind AND fast forward. Indigenous Robot is a trip!  Old school psych rock elements of The Doors, Black Sabbath, and Jefferson Airplane splash into a pot of The Flaming Lips and The White Stripes, making an intoxicating concoction taking us to a new, modern level of instrumentally driven psychedelic rock n roll..."
Colorado Music Buzz  |  FULL ARTICLE

"...With the modern rock flavors familiar to The White Stripes and psychedelic elements more along the lines of The Flaming Lips, the album is truly unique...  Be careful with this record- it will glue you to the couch with the songs on repeat and your mind lost in the music- just like a good Indica...."
Northwest Military  |  FULL ARTICLE

"...If I'm obliged to classify Indigenous Robot, an iffy critical approach under the best of circumstances, I'd say it's teetering halfway across a tightrope between Modest Mouse and The Doors. The band calls its sound "psych garage rock," but recent EP Revolting is moodier than that. I was reminded of grunge-era rock-'n'-blues outfits such as Big Head Todd and the Monsters. Whatever you call it, however you slice it, iRobot pulls you in quickly and deeply..."
Northwest Military  |  FULL ARTICLE

"...Enter Indigenous Robot, who cram the stomping menace of Black Sabbath and the masculine poetry of the Doors into something resembling Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Psychedelia still works, as shown in Indigenous Robots' in-and-out brevity, which allows them to pack a considerable amount of punch into three minutes or less..."
Second Story Garage  |  FULL ARTICLE

"...Indigenous Robot bares its teeth...with dirt-smeared guitars, thorny vocals, storm-cloud drums and ghostly synths. But for all its barbs, the message isn’t menacing. The music beckons..."
Hey Reverb  |  FULL ARTICLE

"...Indigenous Robot is a confluence of sounds. A meandering keyboard melody is high in the mix on much of the music, creating a Doors-esque psychedelia. Add to this right angle changes, and you can hear a certain prog-rockiness. Throw in some loud guitars and unrefined vocals, and you’ve got a garage rock element. So, Indigenous Robots is a “hyphen rock” band: psychedelic-prog-garage rock...."
Literati Records  |  FULL ARTICLE

"...This is music you clear time for, and listen to from beginning to end..."
Westword Magazine  |  FULL ARTICLE

"...Definitely a more modern take on psych-rock..."
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