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“Their sound is great, songs are catchy, and you can tell they are in it for the love of the music, pure and simple.” - Cubby Control Records, SF

“Indigenous Robot is not your run of the mill band – they’re a band with ‘out there’ ideals and uniquely awesome sound that can only be described as ‘modernly retro’.  If you like the music of indie legends The Flaming Lips and the sounds of psychedelic rock legends The Doors, then this is the band for you.” - Lost at E Minor

The wonderfully odd rock band is excited to be promoting their 6th album "Logomachy."  The album addresses human consciousness in the 21st century and illustrates the current merging of Artificial Intelligence and the state of being awake and aware of one's surroundings in today's strange landscape.  Always mindful of global trends and things to come, Indigenous Robot has a way of translating current moods into mesmerizing songs with deeply insightful lyrics and beautifully crafted melodies.  Check out Indigenous Robot's latest album "Logomachy" out June 2, 2020!

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