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“Their sound is great, songs are catchy, and you can tell they are in it for the love of the music, pure and simple.”

- Cubby Control Records, SF


“Indigenous Robot is not your run of the mill band – they’re a band with ‘out there’ ideals and uniquely awesome sound that can only be described as ‘modernly retro’.  If you like the music of indie legends The Flaming Lips and the sounds of psychedelic rock legends The Doors, then this is the band for you.”

- Lost at E Minor

"Logomachy" OUT NOW

Indigenous Robot is Kyle South (vocals, guitar), Elyse South (keys, graphics), Vince Graeber (bass), and Alex Perrine (drums).  Formed in Denver, Colorado in 2011 with friend Ryan Longenecker, the group originally started out as a trio with an unstructured raw sound.  After releasing their first demo "Sleeping Giant" in 2012 the band added Tyler Knapp on bass.  With this fuller sound, Indigenous Robot's second EP "Fireball" drew some local support and quickly led to the release of their third EP "Castles" (2013).  In 2014 the group added Vince Graeber on bass and toured extensively across the US where they met punk duo Zarigani $ and were invited to tour Japan on their fourth release "Revolting".  This whirlwind, life-changing year for the band influenced their more refined sound and inspired them to record their first full length album "Blip Culture" at the Spot Studios.  In 2018, Alex Perrine joined on drums and helped usher in a new era of songwriting for the band.  They recorded their 6th album "Logomachy" at the Spot Studios and returned to visit their good friends for another Japan tour in 2019.  Currently the band resides in the Arizona desert, writing new music.

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